ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute (IASRI) is a pioneer Institute of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) undertaking research, teaching and training in Agricultural Statistics, Computer Application and Bioinformatics. Ever since its inception way back in 1930, as small Statistical Section of the then Imperial Council of Agricultural Research, the Institute has grown in stature and made its presence felt both nationally and internationally. ICAR-IASRI has been mainly responsible for conducting research in Agricultural Statistics and Informatics to bridge the gaps in the existing knowledge. It has also been providing education/ training in Agricultural Statistics and Informatics to develop trained manpower in the country. The research and education is used in improving the quality and meeting the challenges of agricultural research in newer emerging areas.

The Institute also occupies a place of pride in the National Agricultural Statistics System (NASS) and has made several important contributions in strengthening NASS, which has a direct impact on the national policies. The Institute has contributed significantly by providing excellent human resource to NARES in the country in the disciplines of Agricultural Statistics and Informatics for meeting the challenges of Agricultural Research in the newer emerging areas. Conducting post graduate teaching and in-service courses in Agricultural Statistics, Computer Application and Bioinformatics for human resource development is an important activity.


Statistics and ICT for enriching the quality of Agricultural Research


To undertake research, education and training in Agricultural Statistics and Computer Applications for Agricultural Research


  • To undertake basic, applied adaptive, strategic and anticipatory research in Agricultural Statistics and related fields and use these researches in meeting challenges and improving quality of agricultural research
  • To conduct post-graduate teaching and in-service, customized and sponsored training courses in Agricultural Statistics and Computer Applications at National and International level so as to be a leading centre of excellence in Human Resource Development.
  • To provide methodological support in strengthening National Agricultural Statistics System by establishing linkages with State departments of agriculture and allied fields, other research institutions, industry, etc.
  • To lead in development of Agricultural Knowledge Management and Information System for National Agricultural Research System.
  • To provide advisory and consultancy services for strengthening the National Agricultural Research System and undertaking sponsored research and consultancy for National and International organizations.

Origin & Growth Timeline


Statistical Section created under ICAR


Activities of the Section increased with appointment of Dr. PV Sukhatme


Re-organisation of statistical section into statistical branch as a centre for research and training in the field of Agricultural Statistics


Re-named as Statistical Wing of ICAR


Activities of Statistical Wing further expanded and diversified with the recommendations of FAO experts, Dr. Frank Yates and Dr. DJ Finney


Statistical Wing moved to its present campus


Collaboration with AICRP initiated


Re-designated as Institute of Agricultural Research Statistics (IARS)


Installation of IBM 1620 Model-II Electronic Computer
Signing of MOU with IARI, New Delhi to start new courses for M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree in Agricultural Statistics


Status of a full fledged Institute in the ICAR system, headed by Director


Three storeyed Computer Centre Building inaugurated
Installation of third generation computer system, Burroughs B-4700


Re-named as Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute (IASRI)


Identified as Centre of Advanced Studies in Agricultural Statistics and Computer Applications under the aegis of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


New Course leading to M.Sc. degree in Computer Application in Agriculture, initiated


Commercialization of SPAR 1


Burroughs B-4700 system replaced by a Super Mini COSMOS LAN Server


Administration-cum-Training Block of the Institute was inaugurated


M.Sc. degree in Computer Application in Agriculture changed to M.Sc. (Computer Application)


Center of Advanced Studies in Agricultural Statistics & Computer Application established by Education Division, ICAR


Establishment of Remote Sensing & GIS lab with latest software facilities
Outside funded projects initiated


Senior Certificate Course in ‘Agricultural Statistics and Computing’ revived
Establishment of modern computer laboratories
First software in India for generation of design along with its randomised layout SPBD release 1.0


Four divisions of the Institute re-named as Sample Survey, Design of Experiments Biometrics and Computer Applications
Revolving Fund Scheme on Short Term Training Programs in Information Technology initiated
Training programmes in statistics for non-statisticians in National Agricultural Research System initiated


Strengthening of LAN & Intranet with Fibre optics & UTP cabling
Substantial growth in outside funded projects and training programmes


Two divisions re-named as Division of Forecasting Techniques and Econometrics


Data Warehousing activities (INARIS project under NATP) initiated


Establishment of National Information System on Animal Experiments Laboratory
Development of PIMSNET (Project Information Management System on Internet) for NATP


Establishment of National Information System on Long-term Fertilizer Experiments funded by AP Cess Fund
Development of PERMISnet (A software for Online Information on Personnel Management in ICAR System)
First indigenously developed software on windows platform released Statistical Package for Factorial Experiments (SPFE) 1.0


National Information System on Agricultural Education (NISAGENET) Project launched
Training Programme for private sector initiated and conducted training programme for E.I. DuPont India Private Limited
E-Library Services Initiated


Statistical Package for Augmented Designs (SPAD) and Statistical Package for Agricultural Research (SPAR) 2.0 released
Design Resources Server with an aim to provide E-advisory in NARS initiated
Strengthening of Reproductive Lab with colour photocopier
Installation of Digital Telephone Exchange


Organisation of International Conference on Statistics and Informatics in Agricultural Research


Establishment of Agricultural Bioinformatics Laboratory (ABL)


Software for Survey Data Analysis (SSDA) 1.0 released


Golden Jubilee Celebration Year of the Institute
Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS initiated
Expert System on Wheat Crop Management launched
International Training Hostel inaugurated


Establishment of National Agricultural Bioinformatics Grid (NABG) in ICAR initiated
Division of Biometrics re-named as Division of Biometrics and Statistical Modelling
Division of Forecasting Techniques and Division of Econometrics merged to form Division of
Forecasting and Econometrics Techniques
A new centre namely Centre for Agricultural Bioinformatics [CABin] created


Maize AgriDaksh and Expert System on Seed Spices launched
Indian NARS Statistical Computing Portal initiated
M.Sc. degree in Bioinformatics initiated


Software for Survey Data Analysis (SSDA) 2.0 released
Division of Biometrics and Statistical Modelling re-named as Division of Statistical Genetics
Division of Forecasting & Econometrics Techniques re-named as Division of Forecasting &
Agricultural System Modeling
Development of Management Information System (MIS) including Financial Management System
(FMS) in ICAR initiated
Half-Yearly Progress Monitoring (HYPM) System in ICAR implemented
Sample Survey Resources Server initiated


High Performance Computing (HPC) System for Biological Computing established
Ph.D. degree in Computer Application initiated
Certified as ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) Institute


Advanced Supercomputing Hub for OMICS Knowledge in Agriculture (ASHOKA) inaugurated
ICAR-ERP system implemented
Ph.D. degree in Bioinformatics initiated
IASRI Campus Wi-Fi enabled
ICAR Data Centre, Unified Communication and Web Hosting Services for ICAR started
FAO Sponsored Study under the Global Strategy for Improvement of Agricultural Statistics


KRISHI (http://krishi.icar.gov.in/) Knowledge based Resources Information Systems Hub for
Innovations in agriculture portal has been launched as a centralized data repository system of
ICAR-IASRI has been declared as National Level Agency (NLA) under MIDH (Mission for
Integrated Development of Horticulture).
ICAR Data Centre established at IASRI acquired the certification for ISO/IEC 20000 and
ISO/IEC 27001 for IT-service management and information security legislation respectively


KVK-Portal (Krishi Vigyan Kendra Knowledge Network) and Mobile Application (http://kvk.icar.
gov.in/) developed and launched
MAPI (http://sample.iasri.res.in/ssrs/android.html/) Mobile Assisted Personal Interview- An
android application developed
Developed sampling methodologies for estimation of crop area and yield under mixed and
continuous cropping for different situations prevailing in different countries and field tested in
the three identified countries by the FAO, one each in Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America/
Caribbean region, i.e. Indonesia, Rwanda and Jamaica respectively
Developed methodology for estimation of area and production of Horticultural crops, tested
and validated in four states. The methodology will be implemented at national level.
Developed Personnel Management System, for managing the cadre strength and transfer of
the scientific staff and implemented in ICAR.

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