Computer Applications

Computer Applications Division of IASRI

Forecasting & Agricultural Systems

Forecasting techniques in Agricultural Systems.

Center for Agricultural Bio-Informatics

To undertake research, teaching and training in the field of agricultural bioinformatics.

Design of Experiment

To develop statistical designs and methodologies for analysis of data relating to field and laboratory experimentation in agriculture and animal science.

Statistical Genetics Division

Statistical Genetics Division section of IASRI

Sample Survey

Sample Survey section of IASRI


Administration blocks.

Guest House

Guest houses available in IASRI

Hindi Section

Hindi Section of IASRI


ICAR Guidelines for Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer/ Commercialization


Library section of IASRI

National Fellow

National Fellow section of IASRI

Cash Audit Accounts

The cash and audit section of IASRI.

OMV Section

OMV section of IASRI

PME Cell

Prioritization, Monitoring and Evaluation Cell section of IASRI

RTI Unit

RTI Unit section of IASRI

Student Hostels

Student Hostels section of IASRI

Recruitment Cell

Recruitment Cell of IASRI

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