Dr. HarishKumar H.V.


Dr. HarishKumar H.V.






DST-Inspire fellowship for Ph.D programme at UAS, GKVK, Bengaluru, India.
Qualified ICAR-NET (2014) in Agricultural Economics conducted by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi.
Qualified UGC-NET (2014) in Economics conducted by University Grants Commission, New Delhi.          

Awarded “University of Agricultural Sciences Gold Medal for General Merit” in Ph.D during the year 2016-17.
Awarded “University of Agricultural Sciences Gold Medal for General Merit” and Four Sponsored Gold Medals in M. Sc during the year 2011-12.

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Full length papers

  1. V. HARISHKUMAR, B. V. CHINNAPPA REDDY, 2017, Impact of urbanization on Land use Pattern of rural-urban gradient of Bengaluru north: An economic AnalysisEconomic Affairs62 (2): 303-312.
  2. V. HARISHKUMAR, B. V. CHINNAPPA REDDY, 2017, Farm land values and portfolio management in rural-urban continuum of Bengaluru North. Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences51 (2): 208-215.
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Popular Article

  1. CHOWDA REDDY, C. K. SUDHA, N. K. RAJESH KUMAR AND H.V. HARISH KUMAR, 2013, Precision Farming Management through Telecommunication Tools. Popular Kheti, 1 (2): 75-77.
  1. ANANTHA RAMA, A., SANTOSHA GOWDA, G. B., NIRANJANA KUMARA, B., MANJUNATHA, B., HARISHKUMAR, H. V., MANJUNATH S HURAKADLI, 2016, Objective Agriculture. Rachana Publishers, ISBN Number (978-93-5265-450-5).
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