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Copyrights Applied

Institute Technology Management Unit at IASRI has applied for copyrights for the technologies which have been developed by IASRI. Can details can be viewed as below:

Copyright Applied

S.No. Name of Technology(Software)/Literary Work Author(s) Applied on Diary Number
1. Levidb: Genomics of Virus in Legume Crops
  1. M. A Iquebal
  2. Dinesh Kumar
  3. Samar Fatima
  4. Ulavappa B. Angadi
  5. Yasmin Fatima
  6. Sarika Sahu
  7. Anil Rai
  8. Abhishek Bohra
  9. K.R.Soren
  10. Mohd. Akram
  11. N. P. Singh
10.04.2019 5463/2019-CO/SW