Dr. Kamalesh Narain Singh


Dr. Kamalesh Narain Singh

  1. Crop yield forecasting under Forecasting Agricultural output using Space Agro meteorology and Land based observation (FASAL) scheme (PI).
  2. Nonparametric bootstrap approach for constructing prediction intervals for non-linear and bivariate time series models (Co-P I).
  3. Study of Commodity Price Forecast based on time series data (Co-P I).
  4. Mapping the Cultural Authority of Science across Europe and India (PI).
  5. Market Intelligence (Co-P I).
  6. Development of Hybrid Time Series Models using Machine Learning Techniques for Forecasting Crop Yield with Covariates (Co-P I).
  7. Forecasting of spatio-temporal time series data using Space Time Autoregressive Moving Average (STARMA) model (Co-P I).
  8. Future perspective of Bt. technology in Indian agriculture (Co-P I).
  9. Development of suitable methodology for soil fertility mapping using GIS and GPS tools for precise fertilizer recommendations based on spatial variability (PI).
  10. Development of methodology using RS, GPS & GIS for delineating area of a district in different fertility zones for precise fertilizer recommendations based on available soil nutrients (PI).
  11. GPS and GIS based model soil fertility maps for selected districts for precise fertilizer recommendations to the farmers of India (Co-PI).
  12. Preparation of soil fertility maps of the country for major soil nutrients for managing nutrients in different crops (PI).
  13. Assessment of quality and resilience of soils in diverse agro-ecosystem. (Co-PI).
  14. Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics vis-a vis Anticipatory Climate Changes and Crop Adaptation Strategies (Co-PI).
  15. Methodology to Prepare Soil Fertility Maps using GPS and GIS for Precise Fertilizer Recommendations to the Farmers of India (PI)
  16. Development of Methodology (models) to Estimate the Nutrients at Field Level using Remote Sensing (RS) (PI).
  17. Development of Methodology for linking of Geo-Referenced Maps with Recommendations for Targeted Yield (PI).
  18. Land Productivity Assessment using Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) (PI).
  19. Online Fertilizer Recommendation System for Targeted Yield(s) of Crops (PI).



Principal Scientist

  1. Dr. K. S. Krishnan Research Fellowship by Department of Atomic Energy
  2. Certificate of Merit for Research Fellowship by CSIR, Human Research Group
  3. Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics (ISAS) awarded best paper award for the paper “Soil fertility mapping and its validation using spatial prediction techniques”.
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Books Authored:

  1. GIS based Soil Fertility maps of different states of India by Y. Muralidhardu, K. Sammi Reddy, B. N. Mandal, A. Subba, Rao, K. N. Singh and Shailendra Sonekar. 2011. PC (STCR), IISS, Bhopal

Books Edited (e-books):

  1. Forecasting Techniques in Agriculture by K.N. Singh, Amrender Kumar, Hukum Chandra. IASRI, New Delhi http://www.iasri.res.in/ebook/FET/index.htm
  2. Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS in Agricultural Surveys by Prachi Misra Sahoo, Tauqueer Ahmad, Anil Rai, K.N. Singh and U.C. Sud. ASRI, New Delhi http://www.iasri.res.in/ebook/FET/index.htm

Book Chapters:

  1. On line fertilizer recommendation System by K. N. Singh. 2011. Efficient utilization of farm wastes for sustainable agriculture by A. B. Singh et.al. (Eds), Agrotech Publishing Academy, Udaipur. 2011. 151-158, (210).
  2. Use of GIS, RS and GPS in the application of precise fertilizer to maintain soil productivity of the farmer’s field by K. N. Singh. New Technology for Rural development having potential of commercialization. Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. 2009, 183-195, (275).
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