Dr. L. M. Bhar


Dr. L. M. Bhar


Sr No.Title of the projectProject teamDurationFunding agency
1.Development of Rank Based Stability Measures for Selecting GenotypesPrakash Kumar, A K Paul, Samarendra Das, L M Bhar10.09.2015 to 31.08.2017ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
2.Stochastic differential equation models and their applications to agriculture.Prajneshu, Himadri Ghosh, L M Bhar6.11.2015 to 05.11.2018DST
3.Study of Long Memory and Periodicities in Climate Variables in Different Agro-Climatic Zones of IndiaRanjit Paul, L M Bhar, A K Paul19.04.2017 to 18.05.2020ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi


Sr No.Title of the projectProject teamDurationFunding agency
1.Designs for Mixture Experiments in AgricultureKrishan Lal, VK Gupta, PK Batra, Lalmohan Bhar 2.5 years ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
2.A Study on Multiple Bio-assaysL M Bhar and V K Gupta1.5 yearsNational Professor Fund
3.Analysis of Experimental Designs with t-Family of Error DistributionKrishan Lal, Rajender Parsad , VK Gupta and Lalmohan Bhar2 yearsICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
4.Designs for Single Factor and Multifactor Experiments and Their Application in Agricultural System Research (A scheme under National Professor (ICAR))V K Gupta and L M Bhar 9 yearsNational Professor Fund
5.Strengthening Statistical Computing in NARS (Under NAIP) Rajender Parsad, PK Malhotra , VK Mahajan, Seema Jaggi, Samir Farooqui, Ramasubramanian V, LM Bhar, AK Paul and N Sivaramane3 yearsNAIP
6.Planning, designing and analysis of data relating to experiments for AICRP on long-term fertilizer experimentsL M Bhar From IASRI1 year 1 monthICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
7.Development of forecasting methodology for fish production from ponds of uplandN Okendro Singh, Sanjeev Panwar , LM Bhar and Ranjana Agrawal2 years 6 monthsICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
8.Outliers in designed experiments. LM Bhar, Rajender Parsad, VK Gupta3 yearsAP Cess Fund, ICAR
9.Development of weather based forewarning system for crop pests and diseases. Ranjana Agrawal, SC Mehta, LM Bhar, Amrender Kumar3 yearsNATP
10.Modeling of forecasting of crop yield using weather parameters and agricultural inputs (Funded through AP Cess Fund, ICAR).Ranjana Agrawal, Asha Saksena, LM Bhar, Amrender Kumar, Madan Mohan,YS Kesava Rao2 yearsAP Cess Fund, ICAR
11.Forecasting fish production from pondsL M Bhar, S S Walia and A K Roy2 yearsICAR-IASRI, New Delhi
12.Development of Forewarning System of Potato AphidsT P Trivedi, R C Jain, L M Bhar and S C Mehta2 yearsNCIPM




Head (A) Statistical Genetics

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