Dr. Mrinmoy Ray


Dr. Mrinmoy Ray

  1. Nonparametric bootstrap approach for constructing prediction intervals for non-linear and bivariate time series models (PI).
  2. Development of Hybrid Time Series Models using Machine Learning Techniques for Forecasting Crop Yield with Covariates (Co-PI).
  3. Forecasting of spatio-temporal time series data using Space Time Autoregressive Moving Average (STARMA) model (Co-PI).
  4. Future perspective of Bt. technology in Indian agriculture (PI).




  1. Junior Research Fellowship by ICAR
  2. University Merit Scholarship by Uttar BangaKrishiViswaVidyalaya, Coochbehar, West Bengal during the period 2005 to 2009
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Books Edited (e-books):

  1. Advances in Statistical Modeling and Forecasting in Agriculture by Bishal Gurung and Mrinmoy Ray, ICAR- IASRI, New Delhi. http://cbp.icar.gov.in/ebook22.aspx?trainingApprovedId=CAFT-20161529&trainingTitle=Advances%20in%20Statistical%20Modeling%20and%20Forecasting%20in%20Agriculture


Book Chapters:

  1. Mukherjee, A., Rakshit, S., Nag, A., Ray, M., Kharbikar, H. L., Kumari, S., Sarkar, S., Paul, S., Roy, S., Maity, A., Meena, V. S. and Burman, R. R. (2016). Climate Change Risk Perception, Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy: An Extension Outlook in Mountain Himalaya. In: Jaideep Kumar Bisht, Vijay Singh Meena, Pankaj Kumar Mishra and Arunava Pattanayak Edition. Conservation Agriculture (pp. 257-292). Singapore. Springer Singapore.
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