Dr. (Md.) Wasi Alam


Dr. (Md.) Wasi Alam

  1. Enhanced Classification And Regression Tree (CART) Models for Forecasting in Agriculture (Co-PI).
  2. Development of count time-series models for predicting pest dynamics using weather variables (Co-PI).


  1. Development of Hybrid Time Series Models using Machine Learning Techniques for Forecasting Crop Yield with Covariates (PI)
  2. Estimation of survival functions in a family of lifetime distributions under singly censored observations: Bayesian Vs Classical Approach (PI)
  3. Some Investigations on Stable and Robust Clustering Procedures (PI)
  4. Econometric Study of Technological Dualism of Egg Production in India (Co-PI).
  5. Study on Volatility spillover of Agricultural commodity prices (Co-PI).
  6. Nonparametric bootstrap approach for constructing prediction intervals for non-linear and bivariate time series models (Co-PI).
  7. Study on Robustness of the Sequential Testing Procedures for Some Distributions used in Agricultural Pest Control (PI)



Principal Scientist

  1. Junior Research Fellowship award of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, 1995-97.
  2. Junior Research Fellowship award of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, 1995-97.
  3. Senior Research Fellowship award of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, 1998-99.
  4. Selected for Commonwealth Scholarship Award, United Kingdom (Award Number -INCS—2005-147).
  5. Member Editorial Board, American Journal of Agriculture and Forestry.
  6. Member Editorial Board, Journal of Agro-ecology and Natural Resource Management.
  7. Member Editorial Board, Journal of Energy Research and Environmental Technology.
  8. Faculty Member of post graduate school of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi.
  9. Member secretary of board of studies for Agricultural Statistics, IASRI, 2014-15
    Got 1st rank in the All India Competitive Examination of “Agricultural Research Services” for the post of Scientist,1999.
  10. Got 1st rank in All India Competitive Examinations of the following Fellowships:
    Junior Research Fellowship of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, 1995.
  11. Senior Research Fellowship for doing Ph.D. of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi,1998.
  12. Junior Research Fellowship of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, 1995.
  13. Qualified National Eligibility Test (NET) Indian Council of Agricultural Research in Agricultural Statistics, 1998.
  14. Qualified National Eligibility Test (NET) Indian Council of Agricultural Research in Agricultural Statistics, 1999
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Book Edited

  1. Paul, A.K., Singh, N.O. and Alam, W. (2012). Biometrical Techniques in Plant and Animal Breeding. Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, ISBN: 978-3-8454-3277-9.

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