Mr. Prakash Kumar


Mr. Prakash Kumar


S. No.Project titleDurationProject leader* and associates
1Processing, utilization and management of high-throughput sequencing data for enriched information dispersal06.02-2018-
till date
Prakash Kumar*
(PhD Thesis work)
2Statistical Approaches for Analysis of Zero-inflated and Over-dispersed Counts Data and their Applications in Single-cell Studies25.11.2021-
till date
Dr. S. Das*
Dr. U.K. Pradhan*
Dr. S. Srivastava
Mr. Prakash Kumar


S. No.Project titleDurationProject leader* and associates
1Development of Rank Based Stability Measures for Selecting Genotypes.10.09.2015 to 31.08.2017Prakash kumar*, A.K. Paul, Samarendra Das and L.M. Bhar
2Gene selection for classification of crop gene expression data30.10.2015 to 19.10.2018Samarendra Das,
**P.K. Meher, R.K. Paul and Prakash Kumar
3Estimation of Breeding Value Using Generalized Estimating Equation and Bayesian Approach.30.01.2018 to 29.01.2021 (till 05.02.2018 due to study leave) Prakash kumar*, A.K. Paul, H.S. Roy and L.M. Bhar





  1. Young Scientist Award in GRISAAS, 2021, organized by Society for Scientific Development in Agriculture & Technology(SSDAT).
  5. Netaji Subhash-ICAR International fellow, 2017



Pritee Singh; Vijay Mahajan,; Ahammed Shabeer T.P.; Kaushik Banerjee; Manjusha R. Jadhav; Prakash Kumar,; Jai Gopal. (2020). Comparative evaluation of different Allium accessions for allicin and other allyl thiosulphinates. Industrial Crops & Products, 147, 112215.


2. Tanvi Sharma; Nitesh Kumar Sharma; Prakash Kumar; Ganesh Panzade; Tanuja Rana; Mohit Kumar Swarnkar; Anil Kumar Singh; Dharam Singh; Ravi Shankar; Sanjay Kumar. (2021). The first draft genome of Picrorhiza kurrooa, an endangered medicinal herb from Himalayas. Sci Rep., 11, 14944 (2021).


3. Upendra Kumar Pradhan, Nitesh Kumar Sharma, Prakash Kumar, Ashwani Kumar, Sagar Gupta, Ravi Shankar  (2021). miRbiom: Machine-Learning on Bayesian Causal Nets of RBP-miRNA interactions successfully predicts miRNA profiles. PLoS ONE, 16(10), e0258550.


4. Nitesh Kumar Sharma, Sagar Gupta, Prakash Kumar, Ashwani Kumar, Upendra Kumar Pradhan, Ravi Shankar (2021). RBPSpot: Learning on Appropriate Contextual Information for RBP Binding Sites Discovery. Iscience, 24(12), 17 December 2021, 103381.


5. Pritee Singh, T.K. Roy, C. Kanupriya, P.C. Tripathi, Prakash Kumar, K.S. Shivashankara (2022). Evaluation of bioactive constituents of Garcinia indica (kokum) as a potential source of hydroxycitric acid, anthocyanin, and phenolic compounds. LWT – Food Science and Technology, Volume 156, 112999.


6. Himadri Shekhar Roy, Amrit Kumar Paul, Ranjit Kumar Paul, Ramesh Kumar Singh,  Prakash Kumar. (2022). Estimation of Heritability of Karan Fries Cattle using Bayesian Procedure. The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 92(5), 645-648.


ref H S Roy.


7. Nikita Rathore*, Prakash Kumar*, Nandita Mehta, Mohit Kumar Swarnkar, Ravi Shankar, and Amit Chawla. (2022). Time-series RNA-Seq transcriptome profiling reveals novel insights about cold acclimation and de-acclimation processes in an evergreen shrub of high altitude. Sci Rep., 12, 15553 .  (* Equal authorship)


8. Manglesh Kumari, Shweta Thakur, Ajay Kumar, Robin Joshi, Prakash Kumar, Ravi Shankar,


Rajiv Kumar (2020). Regulation of color transition in purple tea (Camellia sinensis). Planta, 251, 35.


9. Mrinmoy Ray, K.N. Singh, Kanchan Sinha, R.R. Kumar, Prakash Kumar (2021).  R Package developed ‘tsfngm’  for  “Time Series Forecasting using. Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).


10. Santosha Rathod, K.N. Singh, Prawin Arya, Mrinmoy Ray,    Anirban Mukherjee, Kanchan Sinha  and Prakash Kumar. (2017). Forecasting maize yield using ARIMA-Genetic Algorithm approach. Outlook on agriculture,


11. Prakash Kumar, Krishan Lal, Anirban Mukherjee, Upendra Kumar Pradhan, Mrinmoy Ray and Om Prakash. (2018). Advanced row-column designs for animal feed experiment. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 88(4),  499–503.


12. Prakash Kumar, Lal Mohan Bhar, Amrit Kumar Paul, Samarendra Das, and Himadri Shekhar Roy. (2018). Development of Composite Stability Measure using Multi Criteria Decisions Making (MCDM) Techniques. Journal of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics, 72(2), 121–127.

13. Prakash Kumar, Anil Kumar, Sanjeev Panwar, Sukanta Dash,  Kanchan Sinha and Mrinmoy Ray. (2018). Role of big data in Agriculture-A Statistical Prospective. Annals of Agricultural Research, 39(2), 210-215.


14. Paritosh Kumar, Ravinder Kaur, Archna Suman, Alpana Singh and Prakash Kumar. (2017). Nickel Bioremediation by Different Wetland Macrophytes Root Associated Bacteria. Chemical Science Review and Letters. 6(22), 987-994.

15.  S. Gurumurthy, Ajay Arora1, Basudeb Sarkar, Harikrishna, V.P. Singh, S.K. Meena, Prakash Kumar and P.K. Singh. (2018).  Individual Heat and Combined Heat Drought Stresses in Wheat: Variation in NDVI and Canopy Temperature. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, 7(10), 2676-2684.


16. Paritosh Kumar, Ravinder Kaur, Defo Celestin, Prakash Kumar. (2020). Chromium removal efficiency of plant, microbe and media in experimental VSSF constructed wetlands under monocropped and co-cropped conditions. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.


17. Amrit Kumar Paul *, Himadri Shekhar Roy *, Ranjit Kumar Paul, Prakash Kunmar and Md Yeasin. (2022). Estimation of Heritability under Correlated Errors Using the Full-Sib Model. Genes,  2022.



  • Tanuj Mishara, A. Haque, Soumen Pal, Mrinmoy Ray, Anirban Mukharjee, H.S. Roy, Amit Kairi, Prakash Kumar. (2018). E-learning Module-Tools and Techniques. Today & Tomorrow’s Printers and Publishers, New Delhi.
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