Dr. Prawin Arya


Dr. Prawin Arya

  1. Development of count time series models for predicting pest dynamics using weather variables (PI)
  2. Smallholders productivity and agricultural growth through technology, sustainable intensification and ecosystem services (CC-P I)
  3. National Information System for Pest Management (NISPM) (Bt Cotton). Mini mission –II of technology mission on cotton project (P I)
  4. An Econometric Analysis of Water Markets in Canal Command Area of North-Western Rajasthan (Co-PI).
  5. NAIP Project: Visioning, Policy Analysis and Gender (V-PAGe), Sub-Prog. III: Policy Analysis & Market Intelligence (Co-P I)
  6. An Econometric Analysis of Groundwater Markets in Indo-Gangetic Plain of India (Co-P I).
  7. An Econometric Study for Estimation of Elasticities of Demand and Supply of Major Fruits and Vegetables in India (Co-P I).
  8. An Econometric Approach for Measurement of Indemnity and Premium Rates under Crop Revenue Insurance. (P I).
  9. A diagnostic study of design and analysis of field experiments (Co-PI).



Head (A) Forecasting & Agricultural Systems Modelling

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