Dr. Ranjit Kumar Paul


Dr. Ranjit Kumar Paul


Sr No.Title of the projectProject teamDurationFunding agency
1Gene Selection for Classification of Crop Gene Expression DataSamarendra Das, Prabina Kumar Meher Ranjit Kumar Paul and U. K. Pradhan20/09/2015 to 19/09/2018IASRI, New Delhi, India
2Creation of Policy and Strategy Cell (PSC) at ICAR-NIAP for Doubling Farmers' Income in India by 2021-22: Estimating Farm Income and Facilitating the Implementation of Strategic Framework,Raka Saxena (NIAP), Naveen P. Singh (NIAP), Usha Ahuja (NIAP) and Ranjit Kumar  Paul (IASRI)31.03.2017 to 31.03.2022Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare
3Study of Long Memory and Periodicities in Climate Variables in Different Meteorological Subdivisions of IndiaRanjit Kumar  Paul, L M Bhar And A K Paul19.04.2017-18.05.2020IASRI, New Delhi, India
4Modelling insect pests and diseases under climate change and development  of digital tools for pest managementS Vennila (NCIPM), M N Bhat (NCIPM), Niranjan Singh (NCIPM), Ranjit Kumar Paul (IASRI), M Prabhakar (CRIDA) and M S Rao (CRIDA)20.06.2017-31.03.2020National Initiative on climate resilient agriculture (NICRA), Government of India


Sr No.Title of the projectProject teamDurationFunding agency
1Development of weather based crop yield forecasting models based on GARCH and Wavelet techniquesRanjit Kumar Paul, Himadri Ghosh and PrajneshuOctober, 2011 to June, 2013IASRI, New Delhi, India
2Enhancing Resilience of Agriculture to Climate Change through Institutions, Technologies and PoliciesRanjit Kumar PaulAugust, 2011 to March, 2014National Initiative on climate resilient agriculture (NICRA), Government of India
3Study of Commodity Price Forecast based on time series dataFebruary, 2013 to February, 2015.IASRI, New Delhi, India
4A study on STAR and SV families of nonlinear time-series models for describing cyclicity and volatility in Agriculture.Gurung Bishal and Ghosh, Himadri  and Paul, R. K.21.05.2013 to 22.05.2015ICAR-IASRI
5A study on modelling and forecasting of time-series with long memory processesRanjit Kumar Paul, Himadri Ghosh and Bishal GurungMay, 2013 to April, 2015IASRI, New Delhi, India
6A study of some parametric nonlinear time-series models for describing cyclicity or volatilityBishal Gurung, Himadri Ghosh and Ranjit Kumar PaulMay, 2013 to April, 2015.IASRI, New Delhi, India
7Network Project on Market IntelligenceRaka Saxena (NIAP), Pavitra S (NIAP) and Ranjit Kumar Paul13.02.2014 to 31.03.2017ICAR
8Network Project on “Impact Assessment of Agricultural Research and Development”Ranjit Kumar Paul12.01.2015 to 31.03.2017ICAR
9Impact of ICT on Agricultural Education in IndiaRajni Jain (NIAP) Anshu Bhardwaj (IASRI) and Ranjit Kumar Paul (IASRI)08.04.2016 to 31.03.2017ICAR




Senior Scientist

  1. Awarded by “Jawaharlal Nehru Gold Medal” given by IASRI.
  2. Awarded by “ B. R. Murthy Award” for the best student of the batch `2004-2006′ given by IASRI
    Ranked first in Ph.D. Entrance examination 2006 of Indian Agricultural Research Institute (I.A.R.I.)
  3. Awarded CSIR NET with JRF.
  4. Awarded the R. Seth Memorial Young Scientist Award by Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics in the International Conference on Statistics and Informatics in Agricultural Research during 18-20 December, 2012 at IASRI, New Delhi.
  5. Co-author of a paper for R. Seth Memorial Young Scientist Award in 2013.
  6. Awarded Young Scientist Award by Society for Applications of Statistics in Agriculture and Allied Sciences (SASAA) in March 2016
  7. Best poster award in the agricultural science congress at NDRI, Karnal 2015 for the following paper:
    Raka Saxena, Anil Kumar, S Pavithra, Ranjit Kumar Paul, Kavita Pal, Simmi Rana & Sonia Chauhan. (2015). The intensity of market infrastructure for linking the smallholder farmers to markets: Evidences from selected markets of Uttarakhand
  8. Received K. Desai Award for best paper by Indian Society of Agricultural Economics in 2016 for the following paper:
    Wani, M. H., Paul, R. K., Bazaz, N. H. and Manzoor, M. (2015). Market Integration and Price Forecasting of Apple in India. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 70 (2), 169-181.
  9. Received the Young Scientist Award in Social Science for the biennium 2015-16 by National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS)
  10. Received ICAR Lal Bahadur Shastri Outstanding Young Scientist Award in Social Sciences for 2016.
  1. Paul, R.K. (2017). Modelling long memory in maximum and minimum temperature series in India. Mausam, 68 (2), 317-326
  2. Gurung, B., Singh, K.N., Paul, R. K., Panwar, S., Gurung, B. & Lepcha, L. (2017). An Alternative Method for Forecasting Price Volatility by Combining Models. Communications in Statistics – Simulation and Computation, 46 (6), 4627-4636
  3. Paul, R. K., Rana, S. and Saxena, R. (2016). Effectiveness of price forecasting techniques for capturing asymmetric volatility for onion in selected markets of Delhi. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 86 (3): 303–309
  4. Paul, R.K., Saxena, R. and Bhat, S.A. (2016). How Price Signals in Pulses are Transmitted across Regions and Value Chain? Examining Horizontal and Vertical Market Price Integration for Major Pulses in India. Agricultural Economics Research Review, 29: 75-86.
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  9. Paul, R. K. (2014). Forecasting Wholesale Price of Pigeon Pea Using Long Memory Time-Series Models. Agricultural Economics Research Review, 27(2), 167-176.
  10. Paul, R. K., Prajneshu, and Ghosh, H. (2013). Wavelet Frequency Domain Approach for Modelling and Forecasting of Indian Monsoon Rainfall Time-Series Data. Journal of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics, 67 (3), 319-327
  1. Manual on Price Forecasting Techniques (2015): Edited by Raka Saxena, Pavithra S. Ranjit Kumar Paul, Sanjay Chayal and Shikha Chaurasia. Published by NIAP, New Delhi
  2. Paul, R. K., and Bhar, L. (2012). Robust Analysis of Agricultural Field Experiments. Lap Lambart academic publishing, Germany, ISBN 978-3-659-26408-5
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