Dr. S. B. Lal


Dr. S. B. Lal


1.       Bioinformatics analysis of sequence data of brinjal and bitter gourd for identification of functional and regulatory genes for traits of economic importance.

2.       Modeling Network of Gene Responses to Abiotic Stress in Rice.

3.       Web Based Software for Codon Usage Analysis for Gene Expression Identification

4.       Parallelized Workflows for Gene Prediction, Hylogenetic Analysis and Primer Designing

5.       Methodology for Protein Structure Comparison and its Web Implemantation


6.       Platform or Integrated Genomics Warehouse

  1. A study on editing and imputation using neural networks
  2. Software for Survey Data Analysis
  3. Computational Analysis of SNPs at Functional Elements of Rice Genome
  4. Development of gender information system for Agriculture
  5. Software for Survey Data Analysis 2.0
  6. National Information System Agricultural Education Network in India (NISAGENET)
  7. Establishment of National Agricultural Bioinformatics Grid in ICAR
  8. Evaluation of Rationalization of Minor Irrigation Statistics Scheme.






Principal Scientist

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