Dr. Shashi Dahiya


Dr. Shashi Dahiya

  1. Implementation of MIS/ FMS ERP solution in ICAR (ICAR-ERP)
  2. Enhancing farmers, Enriching knowledge, Agropedia (NAIP Funded Project).
  3. An eLearning Solution for Agricultural Education (eLearnAgriculture)
  4. Decision Support System for Manpower Planning in ICAR (PERMISNET).
  5. Machine learning approach for Data Mining in Agricultural Datasets.
  6. National Information System on Agricultural Education Network in India (NISAGENET)
  7. e-Platform for seed spice growers.
  8. National Seed Project Information System (NSPnet)
  9. Information System on Long Term Fertilizer Experiments (ISLTFE)



Principal Scientist

  1. Letter of appreciation from Secretary (DARE) for implementation of PERMISnet in ICAR (2005).
  2. Convener of one day workshop “A Sensitization workshop on Content Management using MOODLE” organized on 30th January’2009 at IASRI.
  3. Letter of appreciation as PERMISnet-II team member, from Secretary (DARE) & DG, ICAR for including passport information module (2010-11).
  4. The Appreciation Certificate  for IASRI stall from the Judgement Panel of the Mela as the member of the Krishi Vigyan Mela Organization and Management  committee of the IASRI stall at IARI during 3rd to 5th of March’2011.
  5. Chaired a Contributory Session on “Applied Statistics” as the Chairperson in the International Conference on Changing Paradigms and Emerging Challenges in Statistical Sciences (IPECS-2018) 29 – 31 January 2018 in conjunction with the Bi-Decennial Conference of Society of Statistics, Computer and Applications (SSCA) organized at the Pondicherry University, Pondicherry.

National and International Journals

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