Shivaswamy G.P.


Shivaswamy G.P.




  1. University Gold medals in B.Sc (Agri) from UAS-Bengaluru
  2. ICAR-Junior Research Fellowship for MSc Programme
  3. ICAR-Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) for Ph.D prograamme
  4. Qualified ICAR-NET (2013) in Agricultural Economics
  1. Vijayachandra Reddy, Shivaswamy, G.P, T.N.Sachinkumar and Chidanand Patil. 2012, Euro Debt Crisis and its potenial implications on Indian Economy, International Research Journal of Agricultural Economics and Statistics, 3(2): 253-257.
  2. Vijayachandra Reddy, Shivaswamy, G.P, Chidanand Patil and J.S.Binkadakatti. 2013, Commodity futures market in India : need, expansion, roles and obstacles, International Research Journal of Agricultural Economics and Statistics, 4(2): 200-204.
  3. S.Vijayachandra Reddy, Rajkumar Pammi and Shivaswamy,G.P. 2014, Land Reforms: need for institutional Innovations to tackle growing problem of landlessness in India, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention, 4(4):14-21
  4. Siddayya, Vijayachandra Reddy, S and Shivaswamy, G.P. 2016, A study on agriculture credit: utilization pattern and diversion in drought prone areas of Hyderabad-Karnataka region, Indian J Econ Dev, 12 (1): 185-190
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