Dr. Sukanta Dash


Dr. Sukanta Dash


Sr No.Title of the projectProject teamDurationFunding agency
1On construction of orthogonal and nested orthogonal Latin hypercube designsPI:Sukanta Dash,Co-PI: Rajender Parsad, B.N. Mandal and Susheel Kumar Sarkar16.11.2015 to 15.11.2018Institute
2Performance Assessments of Universities in Agriculture Education: A comparative analysisPI:Sukanta Dash,Co-PI:Anil Kumar02.08.2017 to 31.03.2018ICAR
3Designing and Analysis of ON FARM Research Experiments Planned under AICRP on IFSPI: Cini Varghese, Co-PI:Sukanta Dash and Arpan Bhowmik01.10.2012 to 31.03.2017 Extended: 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2020ICAR-IIFSR
4A-optimal block designs for comparing treatments with control treatment(s): An algorithmic approachPI:BN Mandal, Co-PI:Rajender Parsad and Sukanta Dash18.02.2015 to 31.03.2017, ExtendedInstitute
5Incomplete split plot designs: construction and analysisPI:BN Mandal, Co-PI:Sukanta Dash and Rajender Parsad16.08.2016 to 15.08.2019SERB (DST)
6ICAR Research Data Repository for Knowledge Management as KRISHI: Knowledge based Resource Information System Hub for Innovations in Agriculture: XII Plan Component of ICAR HeadquartersA.K. Choubey, Rajender Parsad, Mukesh Kumar, Anshu Bhardwaj, Susheel Sarkar, Arpan Bhowmik, Raju Kumar, Vandita Kumari Choudhary, Sukanta Dash (from 01.04.17).24.07.2015 to 31.03.2017 ExtendedICAR


Sr No.Title of the projectProject teamDurationFunding agency
1Row-column designs for factorial experiments in two rows.PI:Sukanta Dash,Co-PI: Rajender Parsad, B.N. Mandal and V. K. Gupta04.10.2012 to 31.03.2014Institute
2Information System for Planning and Analysis of Experiments of All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Vegetable Crops.IASRI, New Delhi: Rajender Parsad and Sukanta Dash; NAARM, Hyderabad: A. Dhandapani; AICRP on VC, IIVR, Varanasi: B Singh and T Choubey)05.02.2014 to 31.03.2017AICRP on VC
3Creating Awareness for Efficient Use of ICT and MOOCs in Agriculture EducationPI: Anil Kumar, Co-PI:Sukanta Dash01.11.2016 to 31.03.2017ICAR




Senior Scientist

  1. Received National Talent Scholarship in 10th
  2. Received Merit Scholarship in OUAT, Chiplima for highest grade at UG level.
  3. Received ICAR-JRF Fellowship in ICAR at MSc level.
  4. Received IARI institute fellowship in IARI at Ph.D. level.
  5. Received Dr. M N Das Memorial young scientist award at SKUAS&T,Jammu in the 19th Annual Conference of Society of Statistics, Computer and Application on 8th March,2017.
  6. Member of the editorial board of the journal Progressive Research: An International Journal.
  7. Member of Executive body of Indian society of Agricultural Statistics.
  8. Life member of Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics.
  9. Life member of Society for Statistics and Computation Applications
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  2. Dash, S., Parsad, R. and Gupta, V. K. (2013). Row–Column Designs for 2n factorial 2-Colour Microarray Experiments for Estimation of Main Effects and Two-Factor Interactions with Orthogonal Parameterization  Agricultural Research2(2), 172-182
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  7. Pradhan, U. K., Lal, K., Dash, S. and Singh, K. N. (2016) Designs and Analysis of Mixture Experiments with Process Variable in smaller number of runs. Communication in Statistics: Theory and Methods, 46(1), 259-270.
  8. Parui, S., Mandal, B. N., Parsad R., and Dash, S. (2016). Orthogonal Latin Hypercube Designs for Three Columns, UtilitasMathematica. Accepted
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  10. Singh, N., Dash, S. and Khan, Y.J. (2016), Survival of chickpea, sesame, niger, castor and safflower seedsstored at low and ultra low moisture contents for 16-18 years,Seed Sci. & Technol., 44(3), 1-14
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