Dr. Susheel Kumar Sarkar


Dr. Susheel Kumar Sarkar


Sr No.Title of the projectProject teamFromToFunding agency
1On construction of orthogonal and nested orthogonal Latin hypercube designsCo-PI16.11.201515.11.2018Institute
2ICAR Research Data Repository for Knowledge Management as KRISHICo-PI24.07.201531.03.2017ICAR


Sr No.Title of the projectProject teamFromToFunding agency
1Developing training modules for entrepreneurship in buffalo husbandryCo-PI06.02.200913.04.2011Institute
2Studies on environmental pollutants and toxicants affecting feed quality and safetyCo-PI01.04.200930.09.2011Institute
3Setting baseline profile standards for hematological, hormonal and biochemical parameters in buffaloesCo-PI08.09.201025.03.2011Institute
4Data refinement in farm animals through buffalo database management systemPI01.10.201003.11.2012Institute
5Development of BuffalopediaCo-PI01.10.201030.09.2011Institute
6Information System for Designed ExperimentsCo-PI01.10.201213.11.2014Institute
7Main effect linear trend-free multilevel factorial experimentsPI27.03.201228.02.2014Institute
8Information System for Designed ExperimentsPI14.11.201431.03.2017Institute
9Network project on Buffalo improvement (Please see Annexure page no. 238)Co-PI02.02.200930.04.2011ICAR




Senior Scientist


Best trainee Award in 2008 by ICAR-NAARM, Hyderabad

Best Paper/ Poster award:

  1. Dixit VB, Sarkar SK, Bharadwaj A, Phulia SK and Yadav SP (2010) International Buffalo Conference on “Optimizing
    Buffalo Productivity Through Conventional and Novel Technologies”, New Delhi, February, 1-4.
    Appreciation certificate (2016) by Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi
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  3.   Arora, S., Kanojia, Ashok K., Kumar,A., Sardana, H.R., and Sarkar, Susheel Kumar (2012). Impact of biopesticide formulation on tomato (Lycopersiconesculemtum): economics and environmental effects. Ind. Jour. Agril. Sci, 82(12), 1075-1078.
  4.   Choudhary,V.K., Kumar, P.Suresh, Sarkar, Susheel Kumar and Yadav, J.S. (2013). Production potential, economic analysis and energy auditing for maize- vegetable based cropping systems in Eastern Himalayan Region, Arunachal Pradesh. Ind. Jour. Agril. Sci., 83(1), 110-115.
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  6.  Yadav, S.P., Sikka P., Kumar,D., Sarkar, Susheel, Pandey,A.K., Yadav, P.S., and Sethi, R. K. (2013). Variation in milk constituents during different parity and seasons in Murrah buffaloes. Ind. Jour. Anim. Sci,; 83(7), 747-751.
  7.  Kumar, D., Kumar, Pradeep, Singh, Pawan, Yadav, S.P., Sarkar, Susheel Kumar, Bharadwaj, A., and Yadav, P.S. (2014) Characteristics of frozen thawed semen in predicting the fertility of buffalo bulls. Ind. Jour. Anim. Sci, 84 (4), 389–392.
  8.  Panwar, Sanjeev, Singh, K.N., Kumar, Anil, Sarkar, Susheel Kumar, Paul, Ranjeet, Rathore, Abhishek, and Sivaramane, N. (2014). Forecasting of growth rates of wheat yield of Uttar Pradesh through non-linear growth models. Ind. Jour. Agril. Sci, 84 (7), 856–9.
  9. Jerome, A., Pandey, A.K., and Sarkar, Susheel Kumar (2015). Homology modeling of single nuleotide polymorphisms in candidate genes controlling embryonic growth of buffalo. Ind. Jour. Anim. Sci, 85 (6), 578–583.
  10. Sharma,P., Singh,Geeta, Sushil K. Sarkar, Singh,Rana P. (2015) Improving soil microbiology under ricewheat crop rotation in Indo-gangetic Plains by optimized resource management.Environment Monitoring and Assessment. Volume 187, Issue 3
  1. Dr. UC Sud, Dr. Hukum Chandra, Dr. LM Bhar and Dr. Susheel Kumar Sarkar (2015) Statistics and Informatics in Agricultural Research. Excel Publishers, New Delhi.
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