Trainings 2019

S.No.Name of trainingCourse CoordinatorDurationFunding AgencyBrochure
1Training Programme under HRM on “Recent Advances of Bioinformatics in Agricultural Research : A Practical Perspective”Course Coordinator :    Md. Samir Farooqi and Dr. K K Chaturvedi, Dr. Dwijesh Mishra12-21 December 2019HRM Unit
2Training Programme under HRM on “E-Governance Applications in ICAR”Mr. S N Islam, Dr. Sangeeta Ahuja, Dr. Sudeep 16-20 December 2019HRM Unit
3Winter School Training Program on “Advances in Designing and Analysis of Field Crop Experiments”Course Director :  Dr  Anil Kumar, Dr Susheel Kumar Sarkar, Dr Sukanta Dash14th October to 3rd November 2019CAFT
4Training on “Recent Advances in Sample Survey and Data Analysis using Statistical SoftwareCourse Coordinator :  Dr Hukum Chandra, National Fellow, Dr Kaustav Aditya, Dr Pradip Basak28th November 2019 – 18th December 2019CAFT
5Training on “Advances in Data Science using R”Course Coordinator :  Dr Soumen Pal, Sh Pal Singh , Dr Sudeep21 September – 11 October 2019CAFT
6Training on “Advances Statistical Analysis of Breeding Data”Dr Amrit Kumar Paul, Dr Ranjit Kumar Paul, Dr Himadri Shekhar Roy27 August – 16 September 2019CAFT
7Training on “Statistical Advances in Designing Agricultural Experiments and Data Analysis”Dr  Cini Verghese, Dr Susheel kumar Sarkar , Dr Arpan BhowmikJuly 19 – August 08, 2019CAFT
8Two Day National Workshop/Training on “Open Source Library Software KOHA and RFIDDr  Anil Rai31st May -1st June 2019
9Training programme for Finance Officer of ICAR Institutes on “ICAR-ERP” Dr Mukesh Kumar, Dr Sudeep, Dr Shashi Dahiya11-16 March 2019HRM Unit
10Training on “Recent Advances in Statistical Modeling and Forecasting for Agricultural Data Analysis”Dr. K N Singh, Sh. Achal Lama, Sh. R S Shekhawat 23rd February-15th March, 2019CAFT
11Training Programme on “Recent Advances in Statistical Techniques for Data Analysis in Agriculture” Dr L M Bhar, Dr Ranjit Kumar Paul, Dr Amrit Kumar Paul10th -30th  January,  2019CAFT
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