Rules, Regulations, Istructions, Manual and Records for discharing functions

The following is a list of the Rules, Regulations etc., which are used for discharging functions by the Institute:
 1. All Rules and Regulations of the Govt. of India.
 2. Memorandum of Association-Rules and Bye-laws of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research Society
3. Delegation of Powers in ICAR
4. Handbook on Agricultural Research Service of ICAR
5. ICAR Handbook of Technical Services
6. ICAR Guidelines for Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer/Commercialization
7. Record Retention Schedule - 2004
 8. Receipt and Payment Rules
9. Purchase Procedure 2005
10. Ministry of Finance - Purchase Manual
11. Audit Manual of ICAR
12. General Financial Rules 2017
13. CCS (Leave) Rules
14. Instructions from ICAR /Govt. of India as issued from time to time