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1. Omics Data Analysis: Genome to Proteome View
2. Manual Of Training Programme On Computer Applications For Technical Personnels Of ICAR View
3. Reference Manual Of Training Programme “Computational Biology And Its Applications In Agriculture” View
4. Reference Manual Of “Python For Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture” View
5. Reference Manual Of “RNA World: Advance Bioinformatics For Deciphering Regulatory Molecules” View
6. Manual For Hindi Workshop On “Basic Statistical Techniques And Its Application In Genetics” View
7. Reference Manual Of “Statistical Techniques For Data Analysis In Agriculture” View
8. E-Manual/ई-संदर्भ संहिता हिन्दी कार्यशाला “कृषि जैव सूचना में टूल्स और तकनीकियों का अवलोकन” View
9. Application of Statistical Software for Analysis of Agricultural and Survey Data View
10. Reference Manual Of Training Programme “Digital Competency, New Tools and Software for Efficient Computer Applications” View
11. Reference Manual Of Training Programme "Blended Learning Techniques for Quality Higher Education” View
12. Reference Manual Of Training Programme "Statistical and Computational Advances for Bioinformatics Data Analysis in Agriculture: Practical Aspects” View