Answer : The Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute (IASRI) is a premier national institute of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) that focuses on research and education in the field of agricultural statistics. The institute carries out research on statistical methodologies for analyzing agricultural data, and provides statistical consultancy to various government and non-government organizations.

Answer : IASRI has a dedicated publications page on its website, where you can find a list of its publications and reports. You can download these publications for free in PDF format. Additionally, you can also contact the institute's library to obtain a hard copy of a specific publication or report. The library's contact information can be found on the website.

Answer : Yes, IASRI regularly advertises vacancies for various positions on its website and in national newspapers. Interested candidates can apply for these positions by submitting an online application form or by sending their application through the post. The eligibility criteria and other details for each position are mentioned in the job advertisement.

Answer : IASRI has a separate page on its website dedicated to data and software tools, where you can find information about the various tools and data sets developed by the institute. Some of these tools are freely available for download, while others may require payment or a subscription. You can contact the institute's data management division for more information on how to access the tools and data sets.