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This is a great Institute in the field of Agricultural Statistics as it has contributed many methodologies for survey in India like crop cutting experiments. It has produced great statisticians and is the fellow of ICAR for all the work related to statistics and IT. Should have more collaborations and networking with Agricultural Statistician in the country. I wish the Institute a great success.

Dr. R. C. Agrawal

DDG (Agricultural Education), ICAR

It was an excellent experience to have a change to visit such a great and reputed Institute which is already a Centre of Excellence in multiple areas and I understand is scaling up further heights. I am grateful to the Director and all the faculty / staff for this rate opportunities. I wish all the very best to all endeavour of the Institute

Dr. G.P. Samanta

(CSI) Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

I am very delighted to be again at the place of my learning. It was also a great pleasure in meeting my colleagues Drs. A.K. Singh, V.K. Gupta, V.K. Bhatia and R. Prasad, and discuss aspects of research, teaching and institutional building. In the contemporary context IASRI is indeed carrying out great job and reaching the horizon of agricultural statistics. I am sure it will continue using the ICT environment to reach and connect with various corners and universities of the world. Best regards, Murari

Dr. Murari Singh

Department of Statistical Sciences University of Toronto, Canada