Recent Publications

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1 Estimation of Heritability under Correlated Errors Using the Full-Sib Model View
2 The treasure of multifarious beneficial microorganisms for nutrient mobilization, pest biocontrol and plant growth promotion in field crops View
3 An Integrated Analysis. International Journal of Genomics View
4 Recent advances on genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and genomic selection (GS); prospects for Fusarium head blight research in Durum wheat. View
5 DeepAProt: Deep learning based abiotic stress protein sequence classification and identification tool in cereals. View
6 Dietary micronutrient content, heterosis and combining ability for breeding mineral-rich hybrids in early-and mid-maturity groups of Indian cauliflower. View
7 System-Based Integrated Nutrient Management Improves Productivity, Profitability, Energy Use Efficiency and Soil Quality in Peanut-Wheat Cropping Sequence in Light Black Soils. View
8 Comparative metabolomics analysis of Halari donkey colostrum and mature milk throughout lactation stages using 1H-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. View
9 Crop Yield Prediction Using Hybrid Machine Learning Approach View
10 Machine-Learning-Based Apple Yield Prediction using Morphological Characters View