The Institute is rendering valuable service to the rural and agricultural sector of the country. All best wishes for continued success.

Dr. P.V. Shenoi | Bangalore, Ex- Secretary, DAC,MoA

Hope the Institute reaches greater heights by serving the cause of Indian farmers.

Dr. Anil Gore, Pune

It was a great pleasure to associate with IASRI as its RAC member. The Institute is making excellent contributions in accordance with its mandate to provide necessary inputs in research output of NARS. Through sincere and dedicated work of its scientists, the Institute has established its credibility as an Institute of Excellence, not only within the country but outside also. My all the best wishes to the Institute, its Director and dedicated team of scientists and staff

Dr. S.S. Acharya

It is great pleasure coming to my home Institute. Very happy to see the great progress the Institute has made in statistics. Very happy to learn that the Institute is entering into Statistical Geonomics and Bioinformatics. I am sure the Institute will be on its way to many more success.

Dr. RamanaDavuluri

It was great time for me and found many things from the presentation. I realized that we need close cooperation and help of the Institute for developing of Afghanistan CSO Capacity.

Sh. Hasibullah Mowahed | CSO Afghanistan

This is a great Institute in the field of Agricultural Statistics as it has contributed many methodologies for survey in India like crop cutting experiments. It has produced great statisticians and is the fellow of ICAR for all the work related to statistics and IT. Should have more collaborations and networking with Agricultural Statistician in the country. I wish the Institute a great success.

Dr. R. C. Agrawal | DDG (Agricultural Education), ICAR

Visited IASRI on ICAR Foundation Day. Pleased to note that IASRI achievements have been cited during deliberations. This is Golden period for Agricultural Statistics as 5 Senior Positions at ICAR Hqrs are manned by former students of this Institute. I had my own foundation at IASRI which helped me achieving milestones in my carrier.

Dr. Padam Singh | Former Additonal Director General, ICMR and Former Member, National Statistical Commission

It is always a great pleasure coming to this Institute where I spent 46 years both as a student and then as faculty. I have been a witness to the growth of this great Institute both horizontal and vertical, over the decades. The Institute has produced alumni that occupy leading positions throughout the globe. The Institute as well as the alumni and its people take pride in its achievements both in the advances of statistical sciences and its innovative applications in enriching other sciences. I expect this Institute to contribute immensely to the sciences. Best wishes

Dr. V.K. Gupta | Former ICAR National Professor

This is one of the best Institutes of the country. The Institute has contributed significantly in the development of agricultural research and education in the country. One of the pioneer institutes in the area of statistics, Computer Applications and ICT & Bioinformatics. The crop cutting experiment methodology provided by the Institute is backbone of the forecasting of the crops and provides foresight for future. I wish all the very best for its continuous contributions in Agricultural Research & Development.

Dr. P.S. Pandey | ADG (EP&HS), ICAR, New Delhi

I am associated with Institute for two years directly to implement the very ambitious project. I found the scientists of the Institute are very supportive and proactive in taking assignment. The leader (Director) of the organization is very cordial, knowledgeable and very down to earth. I found him very humble and result oriented. I wish all the best to the Institute for future endeavors.

Dr. Prabhat Kumar | National Coordinator, NAHEP-ICAR, New Delhi

I am very very happy and delighted to come to this Institute as ADG(HRD) where I had served for 29 years. This is a great Institute with its unique vision and mandate. The only Institute on Agricultural Statistics. I feel very proud to be associated with IASRI. The Institute has given recognition and great career to all associated with it. I thank the Director and the entire staff for their contribution in NARES. My best wishes for the Institute and wish it attains greater & greater heights. Thanks, Best Wishes & Blessings.

Dr. Seema Jaggi | ADG (HRD), ICAR

I am extremely delighted to be at the Institute after a very long period due to COVID-19. It is a matter of great pleasure and proud for me to see different kinds of developments and the activities initiated during the stewardship of a very energetic and competent and hard working Director, Dr. Rajender Prasad. I had the pleasure of being his Teacher. Course Leader of Sampling Technologies -I (AS-165) Course. Sometimes during mid 1980s. Right since then, I have observed and learned from him few things during my service career till 2017. My sincere wishes to him for successful tenure and even further. My Best Wishes. He should keep himself in good health and my sincere wishes to him for his better health.

Dr. K. K. Tyagi | Former Principal Scientist ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi

I was a resident in the two year diploma course when the Institute moved to this campus in 1955 as Statistical wing. Starting in a single two storied building. I have been associated closely with the growth of the Institute with addition of courses in computer technology and M,Sc/Ph.D. courses. It is with a great feeling of pride to see the Institute so well reputed nationally and internationally. I wish the Institute to achieve greater fame and recognition. It is a pleasure to visit the Institute as often as possible.

Dr. S.K. Raheja | Former Director ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi

The Institute is working in a positive Direction and having a lots of National assignments. The work and promptness of the Director and his team is worth appreciated. All the work related to Digital means of technological interventions are common points of talking points.

Dr. A.S. Panwar | Director ICAR-IIFSR, Modipuram

I have been associated with IASRI since 2011. I found the staff very very supportive in dealing various issues for which they are concerted. The contribution of the Institute in implementing the Digital India at ICAR level is commendable. I wish a good luck and best wishes to the Director and team of the Institute.

Dr. B.P.Bhatt | Principal Scientist, NRM Division, ICAR

It was an excellent experience to have a chance to visit such a great and reputed Institute which is already a Centre of Excellence in multiple areas and I understand is scaling up further heights. I am grateful to the Director and all the faculty / staff for this rate opportunities. I wish all the very best to all endeavour of the Institute.

Dr. G.P. Samanta | Secretary-cum-Chief Statistician of India (CSI) Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

I am very delighted to be again at the place of my learning. It was also a great pleasure in meeting my colleagues Drs. A.K. Singh, V.K. Gupta, V.K. Bhatia and R. Prasad, and discuss aspects of research, teaching and institutional building. In the contemporary context IASRI is indeed carrying out great job and reaching the horizon of agricultural statistics. I am sure it will continue using the ICT environment to reach and connect with various corners and universities of the world. Best regards, Murari

Dr. Murari Singh | Department of Statistical Sciences University of Toronto, Canada

I am really delighted to visit the Institute after a long time after Corona pandemic. I hope that Institute will now gain name and fame under the dynamic leadership of New Director, Dr. Rajender Parsad, who has significant expertise and outstanding achievements in Agricultural Statistics, particularly in Design of Experiments and Computer Application etc.

Dr. B.V.S. Sisodia | Ex. Professor & Head Department of Agricultural Statistics, ANDUAT, Kumarganj, Ayodhya (UP) Presently at : H1/799, Jankipuram,Lucknow, U.P

This is my second visit to this Data Centre. I have a fond memory of my past visit. I can see that the Centre has increased its capacity in many ways and now it is a Centre of multi-dimensional activities.

Dr. B.K. Sinha | Former Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and Former Member National Statistical Commission ISI

Truly a memorable and useful visit.

Dr. K. Muralidharan | Professor of MSU, Baroda

My first visit to IASRI. Very nice campus faculty and other people are very nice, data centre is awesome - a powerful and important value addition to institute infrastructure and research, extremely good research quality - a truly vibrating experience indeed.

Dr. Indranil | Mukhopadhyay, Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Kilkata

It is always a great experience to visit IASRI ‘A Centre of Learning’. This Institute is an unique blend of advanced knowledge with traditional wisdom. The Institute is built over collective wisdom of great visionaries in the past SIX DECADES. Dr Rajender Parsad, the present Director is making all out efforts to raise the Institute to an International Centre of Learnings. I am sure that the Institute will keep pace with time and become an organization on which all of us will feel proud. My best wishes.

Dr. S.K. Chaudhari | DDG(NRM), ICAR

It is always a matter of satisfaction to visit IASRI-the Institute that strengthened agricultural statistics system in the country and abroad. For me additional pleasure is that I learnt statistics from the stalwarts in this Institute during M.Sc. and Ph.D. at IARI. IASRI is keeping pace with the changing economic systems in terms of modelling their economic and environmental impact. I wish a prosperous and luxurious growth of this Institute.

Dr. Pratap Singh | Birthal Director, ICAR-NIAP, New Delhi

The Institute is excellently maintaining its historical richness in the area of agricultural statistics by maintaining outstanding standards in Research, Teaching and supporting the Govt. of India for digital India initiative. The maintenance of systems in various laboratories is unique and very competent faculty is further adding a great value to the Institute. Various training programmes are helping the young scientists a lot in their research experimentation and publications. I congratulate the Director and all the faculty members of this great Institute in maintaining its heritage and richness.

Dr. D.K. Yadava | ADG(Seed), ICAR

I am delighted to visit the very famous Institute and feel fortunate that got the opportunity to visit for the first time. The Institute has very important mandate to help ICAR and the country in numerous ways. Besides selecting and training younger generation in India as well as from other countries. Very best wishes for the continued good work

Dr. G.S. Khush | World Food Laureaute

I thoroughly enjoyed the short visit to the Institute. I am very pleased with all the high quality research faculty are conducting using state- of-the-art statistical techniques. They have contributed a lot in agricultural statistics. Congratulations!!

Dr Partha Lahiri | University of Maryland, USA